What If You Forget to Buy Travel Insurance?

January 3, 2022

For many people, acquiring travel insurance is not on their list of things-to-do when making their travel preparations. What most travelers do not realize is that there are many events that can happen on a vacation that can result in serious financial loss. Before traveling abroad, it is important to consider the reasons why you should not forget to buy travel insurance:

Personal Injury: When planning to travel in another country, you should think about what would happen if you were in accident and needed medical treatment. Depending on the severity of the injury, medical costs could run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Buying travel insurance before your trip will ensure that if you need medical treatment, your costs will be covered. Personal accident coverage can also cover you in the event of death or if you are permanently disabled. Some policies will pay your legal costs if you decide to sue a third party for damages as a result of personal injury or death.

Unexpected Cancellation: After booking and paying for a trip, many people do not think about the money they will lose if they had to suddenly cancel. This could be due to an illness or death in your family, jury service, fire, or flood or storm damage to your home or business. The financial loss could be enormous. Travel insurance will cover your costs if you have to cancel your trip.

Missed Departure: On the way to the airport, most people do not consider how much money they would lose if they missed their flight. This could be the result of weather conditions, vehicle breaking down, etc. With travel insurance, you will be covered in the event of a missed flight. You may also receive a lump sum if there is a valid reason why your departure was delayed or you missed your flight.

Lost or Delayed Luggage: When traveling by plane, many people have had their luggage either delayed or lost. Replacing clothes and incidentals can be quite costly. Travel Insurance will cover lost luggage items. If delayed, the policy will cover the purchase of necessities that you require while waiting for your luggage to arrive.

Cause Injury to another Person: If you have rented a car while traveling abroad and crash into another car, and are found at fault, you may be responsible for paying for another person's medical costs. Personal liability insurance will cover you for another person's loss. Some policies will pay for the cost of an attorney if you are sued.

Lost Belongings and Theft: When you are traveling abroad, you should consider what you would do if you lost your belongings or had them stolen. Losing you cash, credit cards, and other forms of payment could leave you in a frightening situation. Traveler's insurance will cover you if you lost or had your means of payment stolen. If you take expensive items such as jewelry and cameras on your trip, you run the risk of having the items stolen. Travelers insurance will cover you in the event of a theft of an item. Most policies impose a limit of coverage on any one item. You should consider adding 'all risks' coverage to your valuables. As well, make sure that you become familiar with any stipulations in your travel policy regarding the loss of an item. If you left a camera at a public place such as a park, you may not be covered

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and fun adventure. When making your traveling preparations, you want to make sure that your plans will result in a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Purchasing travelers insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

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