Touching Three Oceans

May 11, 2021

Traveling the width and length of this great country can certainly excite a person to want to try to take in every sight and every unique experience that is possible in this vast and diverse land. It is a fine ambition if you set it as your goal early in your family life to achieve one of the fun objectives that many try to accomplish before they end their traveling days. Some of the missions people set out on are truly amazing. But you have to know that even if they don’t succeed in these quests, they are going to have fun trying.

Many families make it a goal to have a picture of the family with their feet standing on every one of the fifty states of the union. Now, this is an ambitious objective to be sure and one that may take years to accomplish. But as your children get a big kick out of each new photo you take that adds to the count, you will be developing a wonderful travelogue of a lifetime of seeing the best America has to offer. And you can get some help in some places where you can hit more than one state at a time. In the southwest, there is a location called The Four Corners where the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah all come to a point in one exact spot. By putting your feet in two states and your hands in two others, you can get four of your states checked off with one stop.

Another terrific way to document a lifetime of sightseeing is stickers or patches. Most of gift shops in the fine sights all around the country will sell you a bumper sticker for your car, a patch for your coat or some other memento to have as a remembrance of your visit to see that great sight. So as you travel, if you pick up a similar item at each fun stop along the way, that can make quite an impressive display on a suitcase or a tapestry of patches from the great sights all around the country.

America is gifted to be home to some of the finest bodies of the water in the world. For many, a visit to one ocean is the dream of a lifetime. But another variation on the theme of great sightseeing missions is to touch all of the oceans of the country in one year. It’s quite a quest to get over to California, Oregon or Washington to touch the Pacific, across the expansive homeland to touch the Atlantic in Florida, Maine or Massachusetts and then back on another long trek to put your hand in the warm waters of the gulf coast. If you can accomplish this ambitious quest, you indeed have some serious bragging rights to show off. So make sure you take dated pictures in case someone doubts that it can be done.

It is never too late in life to make it your goal to see all you can see of this wonderful country we call home. Many who work hard all their lives enjoy the fruit of their labors by purchasing a mobile home and setting out to spend the night in as many of the great national parks of the country as they can. This is a country who has taken great care to preserve vast sections of our wilderness in national parks. So it is quite an undertaking to sleep in every one of them. As you travel on your vacations, you may meet some of these intrepid travelers who may quite literally have no other home than their mobile home.

However, you plan to document your travels in the great country, you will be doing so to pay honor to the fact that you got to celebrate all of the greatness of our wonderful country. And the greatest thing about these quests is that even if you succeed in your chosen goal, you will never tire of seeing this great land and celebrating what is great about being able to say, “I am an American”.

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