Time management and wholesale business

July 8, 2021

Do you feel that your wholesale business is falling apart and you spend your whole day in managing different activities and at the end of the day you wonder you have not accomplished much? Let me tell you the fact, you need to adopt different time management techniques to handle all your day-to-day activities to make your business more organized and productive.

While handling business activities in the office there can be many kinds of interruptions that can divert your attention from major activities. These interruptions can be external like telephone interruptions, meetings, visitors, socializing, excessive paper work, communication breakdown, lack of polices and procedures and others.

The internal interruptions are procrastination, failure to delegate, unclear objectives, failure to set priorities, crisis management, poor scheduling, lack of self-discipline and other similar activities. It is very important to manage the time efficiently. In order to do so, first you need to set your goals and priorities on a sheet. List all of your daily tasks and highlight your important duties and move them up according to the priority and urgency of task. Then set time limitations for every goal and try to finish a particular task in that given time.

To give full attention to priority tasks you should set 'no disturb hours in which no call will be forwarded to you and no one will be allowed to visit you for any kind of meeting. This specific 'no disturb hour must be set in the time period when you would be most active.

Besides this, you should manage all the tasks according to their types, for instance, all paper and table work should be adjusted in the starting hours. When you get exhausted with paper work then you should start completing tasks which are off table, for example, surveying the employees, checking inventories, meeting with retailers, other wholesalers and manufacturers, etc. You do not need time to work only but you should also have small breaks in which you can relax to refresh your mind for the next tasks.

Time management is all about making a habit to accomplish your tasks on time. Doing wholesale business is a hectic work as wholesalers have to deal with bulk quantities. Wholesalers should make proper policies for the employees and ask them to manage their time efficiently. Time managing techniques if applied seriously can make your wholesale business more productive.

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