Thunder Bay Vacation Rentals

February 18, 2022

Thunder Bay is one of the more beautiful protected areas along Lake Huron. To enjoy the area, you need to find a Thunder Bay vacation rental. Fortunately, there are some excellent choices.

Thunder Bay Vacation Rentals

Thunder Bay is in an area that encompasses part of northern Michigan, called the Sunrise Side. Situated on Lake Huron, this area is known for its wilderness atmosphere and the small islands that dot the area. The Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge protects many of these islands.

Also located here is the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Wildlife Preserve. This preserve, close to the Thunder Bay lodgings in the area, is a great spot for a family vacation. While here, you can visit the Maritime Heritage Center, which houses much information about Thunder Bay and Lake Huron’s boating history. Thunder Bay is also a great area for fishing and taking picturesque hikes. Make sure to follow all the wildlife sanctuary rules, and you’ll have a great time.

Of course, when you are in Thunder Bay, you will need a place to stay. If you are in need of a Thunder Bay rental that is secluded and private, look no further than Hillman, Michigan. Thunder Bay Golf and RV is the spot in this area. This vacation destination is a haven for golfers, as there is a golf course right in the resort, as well as four others located nearby. Thunder Bay isn’t all about golf and related pursuits because you can go on rides to search for hunt and elk. Available for those who enjoy more time indoors is a quilter’s retreat, which lasts four days and three nights, and includes workshops, teaching seminars and demonstrations of the quilting craft. Spa treatments can be added to your quilting package, or any other stay here, making it a great place for some rest and relaxation.

The biggest town/city on Thunder Bay is Alpena, Michigan. If you choose to stay in Alpena, you have the advantage of being located near a town, yet still far enough away from city life. One destination worth taking a look at is the Big Bear Lodge on US Route 23 in Alpena. This lodge has the authentic feel of a northern Midwest cabin, but is also close enough to Thunder Bay that you can walk to the beach! Big Bear Lodge offers remodeled rooms, a continental breakfast and optional tours to make your stay here relaxing and full of fun.

No matter which Thunder Bay vacation rental you choose, you will be sure to have a wilderness filled, relaxing and family oriented good time!

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