The Challenges of Training From Home

May 6, 2022

So what are these challenges of training from home? Surely nothing could be easier than staying in shape when you have a bench press right there in your own home? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and there’s a good reason that most people will start out by hitting a gym.

The first challenge is simply stocking your home up with the equipment you can need. It is possible to get into great shape using only body weight training and we’ll be discussing that in more detail later on. The thing is though, that in order to get fast muscle building results, training equipment does help.

That then means dumbbells, pull up bars, bench presses, treadmills and all manner of others things – all of which cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space and require some basic knowledge to use. That’s the other issue here too: knowledge.

A lot of people simply don’t know how to train on their own from home and this makes it remarkably difficult for them to build big muscle without going to a gym where they can meet trainers and see other people working out. Attempting a barbell on your own from the comfort of your own home can easily end up in a slipped disk or buckled knees! Fear is going to be immobilizing for a lot of people in this respect and prevent them from getting into shape.

And then there’s the issue that a lot of people will have with motivation. If you’re trying to get into shape in your front room, that means you have to try and avoid the distractions of TV and you need to stay motivated even though your bed is right there.

But even this isn’t the hardest part…

Pushing Yourself From Home

The problem, is that in order to build your strength or your fitness, you really need to be able to push yourself. If it’s muscle you’re trying to build, then that means you need to be able to create muscle tears and you need to pump your muscles with metabolites (more on this later!).

This is much easier to do when you’re lifting big heavy weights and then dropping down each time you reach failure. It’s much easier when you have a trainer barking at you. And it’s much easier when you’re in a room filled with other people working hard, with no distractions and with a soft floor that you’re fine to sweat on.The same also goes for losing weight. How do you lose weight? With lots of cardio.

That cardio needs to be high volume, whether that is achieved through high intensity or long duration. Whether you’re running for hours, or whether you’re doing intense HIIT workouts – either way, training requires you to push yourself. And when you’re at home, you will often not know how to do this, nor be able to do it because you won’t have the right equipment or necessary space.

But this article is here to change all that. In these chapters, you’ll learn the secrets to training in such a way that you can break down muscle and transform your metabolism quickly and from the comfort of your home. Once you understand the logic, once you can crack the code, then you can go about building the power and health you’re looking for.

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