The Best Plants to Use on Your Patio

July 18, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted your own garden but you don’t seem to have the space, a container garden on your patio may be the way to go. As long as you have access to the sun, plants can grow in pots. Here is a list of plants that can grow in containers and are perfect for you patio.

Decorative Plants

1. Flowers - Flowers allow you to be creative with multiple different types. Nearly any flower can grow in a pot, so you will have no limitations in choosing the right flowers for you. Flowers can add beauty and a pop of color to your patio.

2. Fat plants - These plants look beautiful mixed and matched together. Due to the small root systems, these plants can grow in any sized container. This will save you space so that you can plant even more or them. However, these plants require a certain soil to ensure they will have good drainage. Buy potting soil used for cacti, and only water when the soil is completely dry.

3. Terrariums - This is a great way to make your patio space inviting and intriguing for all who visit it. To get a beautiful terrarium, you should add an inch of pebbles or small stones to the base of the plant. Following the stones, add a layer of activated charcoal, then followed by a layer of potting soil. Then put your plants on top, from largest to smallest.

4. Trees - There a variety of trees that can grow in pots. When looking for trees that can grow in pots, look for ones that don’t grow any taller than 20 feet so that they can be easily moved and will not outgrow the pot that it is in. Growing trees can add dimension and color to your patio.

Herbs and Vegetables

1. Small root vegetables - This includes carrots, green onions, radishes, and turnips. Small root vegetables grow very well in containers. The lack of existing roots make these vegetables ideal for growing in small spaces. These vegetables grow best in loose soil, so use a potting soil that contains perlite.

2. Potatoes - These vegetables are suited for growing in containers. One of the best parts about this is that you won’t have to dig through dirt when it’s time to harvest the potatoes. All you’ll have to do is tip over the pot and pluck them out of the dirt.

An important thing to remember when planting potatoes in pots is that you should always plant them in a container that is tall enough to hill up the soil around the stalks as they grow. Potatoes will grow in almost anything, though, as long as they have sufficient amount of drainage and nutrient-rich soil.

3. Herbs - These are great thing to grow on your patio because you don’t need a lot of space. And, who doesn’t love fresh herbs in cooking, picked right from their own back yard. If you’re new to gardening or don’t have a green thumb, then start with basil. It’s simple to grow, but also has tell-tale signs that you’re not properly watering as the leaves become wilted and droopy. Plus, basil smells amazing!

These are only a small fraction of the plants that can grow in pots. These plants listed are good for the patio because almost all of them provides some element of color, in turn making them very decorative.

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