Reduce Your Airfare: The Importance of Flexibility

May 3, 2021

Everyone wants to save money on airfare. No one likes paying a lot to vacation or spend time with friends and family back home. There are many ways that you can find cheap airline reservations, but one step is guaranteed to work. That step involves being flexible. You should be flexible with your travel dates, time, and location. When doing so, your chances of getting an amazing deal increase significantly.

As nice as it is to hear that flexibility in terms of travel dates, time, and location, can lower your airfare, you may be looking for more information. How exactly does this help? What type of money I will save? What if I can’t change my travel plans? If these are questions you have, please continue reading on for the answers.

If you are planning a vacation for the purpose of having fun or relaxing, wait before choosing your destination. If you want, create a top five list. What are the top five destinations in the United States you would like to visit? Start researching airfare. Popular vacation destinations are more likely to have moneysaving deals and discounts. For example, in Florida, Orlando is more popular for family vacations than Tampa. If you were to depart on Northwest Airlines from Syracuse, New York, you would save $46 each person by flying to Orlando instead of Tampa.

As for why you should create a top five vacation list, it is important to save money, but don’t let your moneysaving ways dictate your entire vacation. Do you really want to visit a ski resort in Colorado? If so, do it. Even if you aren’t offered an amazing deal on airfare, there are others ways for you to save money on your trip. In addition, you get the vacation of your dreams. Sometimes, this is worth the extra cost.

If you are traveling to spend time with friends and family back home, it is likely you are traveling during a holiday. After all, who doesn’t want to spend Christmas with their family? Unfortunately, this will be very costly for you. It is expensive to fly during the holidays. What you can do is make your travel plans months in advance. Holiday flights get more expensive as they get closer. You can also arrive early. If you have extra vacation time at work, use it. Fly out to meet your family four days before Christmas, instead of two. You will save more money.

If you are flying to enjoy a vacation, you should avoid two departing dates. They are Monday and Friday. Monday is popular for business travelers and Friday is popular for weekend travelers. It is cheaper to fly on Wednesdays. In fact, you could easily save $100 or more by starting your vacation two days early and departing on Wednesday, instead of Friday.

Another area in which flexibility can help you save money is by changing airlines. Those who fly all have a favorite airline. It is usually due to a good experience with flight attendants or customer service. This is good. Yes, you want to do business with a company that treats you well, but consider expanding your horizons. If you have never flown a budget airline before, try it. These airlines, especially Southwest, are rapidly increasing in popularity. Their goal is to get you from point a to point b and as cheaply as possible. Most forego the perks. Since most airlines are now charging extra for pillows, blankets, snacks, and drinks, these budget airlines aren’t much different anymore.

In short, there are many ways to reduce your airfare. The easiest way is to price compare to find the best deal. With that said, if you can be flexible, do it. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your flight by opting for a budget airline, vacationing in the off-season, choosing a popular vacation resort, and by flying on Wednesdays.

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