Photographing Nature

December 21, 2021

Nothing is better than taking pictures of nature. Even amateur photographers gravitate toward taking pictures of nature because it’s easier to get a good picture. After all, nature is the most magnificent work of art, and you want to do it justice with your pictures. There are a few ways to make your nature photography look great.

Take Pictures When It’s Overcast

Believe it or not, a good overcast day is an excellent time to take nature pictures. The reason is that the lighting is kind of like having diffused lighting, which makes things look soft and beautiful.

Take Images during Twilight

This works really well if you’re at the beach and can take an image pointing out to sea. The light will play off the different textures and make the image come to life in a different way. It’s a great time to take an image in nature.

Take a Photograph during the Golden Hour

As you know, lighting is one of the most important aspects of taking a good photograph. Nature provides a wide variety of natural lighting options, some of which we’ve discussed already. But, nothing is more sworn by than the golden hour. This is the short period of time just after sunrise and just before sunset. It’s a warm, diffused light which is why it’s called the “golden” hour.

Avoid Manmade Items in the Shot

When you are taking nature photos, you want to try to frame the shot without any manmade items in the shot. This will make the image look that much better because there will be nothing distracting in the picture.

Try Different Angles

Nature shots in different angles can play with lighting and the scene. For example, if you’re in a forest, why not take a shot from the ground looking up. The light can play through the leaves and make a beautiful shot that makes the trees and their size the true center of attention.

The Earlier the Better

When you want nature shots sans people, go out earlier in the morning before the people show up in popular destinations to disrupt the nature view. You can take advantage of the morning golden hour and not be limited by your shots.

Check Your White Balance

This is especially important when you take photos of snow and ice. It’s hard for your camera to focus on an all-white or all gray scene, but if you can set your White Balance manually before taking the photos then they should turn out great.

The biggest thing you can do to take excellent nature photographs is to practice your skills. Taking nature photos is different from other kinds of photographs that you have more control over. Out in nature you have to deal with the lighting that’s there, and that’s where your knowledge of the settings on your camera can come in handy.

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