Photoblog What Can Do for You

June 16, 2022

I bet you have one yourself. Any photographer who s also an Internet junkie almost always has a photoblog. It s the same as normal blogs, but instead of narratives you post pictures. For most of us, we put up our photoblogs just so we can share our photos to the world—our friends, families, colleagues, and of course, those strangers that rule the web.

But are you aware of the many more benefits you can reap from you blog? Do you know that it can improve your skills by a mile, even monetize your photos? Do you know the power your photoblogs hold?

The only wall that comes in between your being an OK photographer and your being a good one is your lack of initiative to just go out, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. That s the one common piece of advice you ll hear from any seasoned photographer out there. Just shoot. Your photoblog will light that fire inside you and push you to do that for 2 reasons. First, you are accountable for the website you built and in order to keep your readers coming back, you have to upload fresh content regularly. Second, you don't upload mediocre shots. You are pressured to give your readers the best work you can do. Otherwise, with a lot of photoblogs out there, they are better off checking out those with greater quality.

Photoblogs, or blogs in general, are effective ways to get feedback directly from your audience. If you want to up the ante of your photography, you may want to hear constructive comments from experienced photographers. When posting a new photo, ask your readers to leave a note about how they find your shot. Don t be afraid to ask for criticism, it will come sooner or later anyway.

If you have plans on taking the professional route with your photography, or if you are already doing it, there s no better way to build a name than through a long-running portfolio of your work on the Internet. People will find you from anywhere in the world. By constantly showcasing the kind and the quality of work you do, you are earning the trust of your audience.

Through word of mouth, they will be referring you and the service you provide to their friends and families. You ll be surprised how this process spreads like wildfire.

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