Mobile Web Trends and Best Practices - The Real Opportunity for Re-invention

September 28, 2021

Now is the time to strengthen your branding or re-invent it to capture a bustling and entirely open market that began in 2006 advent of the .mobi top level domain. Yes, a whole new territory opened for quick commercial ties and a vital real-time connection to a very personal client base. The move was well-backed by such entities as Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung. Both hardware and software sectors embraced the future. There is a gold rush taking place as this article is being written. Companies are snapping up their names and placing themselves in plain view and access to their customers.

SVG, otherwise known as Scalable Vector Graphics brought back the organic element to the visual presentation and gave you the opportunity to re-brand your corporation in a whole new light. The idea of the internet is a mode of communication. Given the opportunity to travel through cyberspace from an object in your hand, we naturally pick the method of least resistance and choose simplicity. Mobile web connections present a new internet attached to the mobile world. Now that world is changing with the amazing leap in how your handheld device will be able to communicate with you. Augmented Reality, or AR, brings a whole new dimension to your image and branding.

How are you going to steer your presentation? Will you attempt to drag over an image that may need a little re-dressing, but is cheaper than investing in your corporate future? You have given great amounts of your learned time in going over company logistics, culture and customer relationship in order to produce a vibrant and flexible commercial machine. Yes, AR still has the same appeal as the old 'cutting-edge' development of Web 2.0 and the concept of 'social media'. It hasn't had its opportunity in the sun as yet, but it, or something similar to it will give you a real potential of creatively re-inventing your marketing strategies, increasing growth and diversifying your revenue stream.

As you are well aware, not every trend comes to fruition, so specific thought on this matter at this time may prove to be a larger draw on your mobile web development efforts then revenue potential, but as you are also well aware, the technical world plods forward like a giant striding across the land, progress, at least at this point, is pretty well guaranteed. Here are some items that might provide food for thought and let you begin the important journey of realizing revenue potential in a whole new commercial world.

- Should your mobile web development efforts look to seek a new audience and attempt to include the latest 'widget' web apps and personal connectivity to your customers? You may want your web development team to consider the traffic load. New technologies make a more ergonomic experience for the user but by implementing live interactivity, you may be just cluttering the airwaves and wasting advertising dollars and development time.

- Will redrawing your image in order to suit the latest and greatest provide an unnecessarily uncertain environment in marketing direction and corporate mandate? You may want your executives that may be heading up these initiatives to analyze your current relationship. Perhaps by examining the paradigm that brought about your present state will allow your team to look ahead with knowing eyes and a keen direction that will allow your company to embrace the future of mobile media.

- By embracing mobile web interaction and narrowing your focus on an more involved clientele, you are introducing yourself and your company to an uncontrolled audience, after all, a hand-held device can be left just about anywhere and often is. Never mind leaving your cell phone at a party, but what about lending it to your friend who needs to make a call because they left their handheld device at the restaurant. This happily random state of affairs means that an accidental connection could occur with a user other than the client that is registered to that particular device and your invite or push media may make a bring in another customer. This issue raises many questions ranging from what is 'acceptable' content to what are the possible marketing benefits and real viability.

These are serious questions and will prove to shape the mobile web industry to a very large degree, in fact deeply affecting its direction. If you heed the potential cons, both future and present, and capitalize on the pros with a thoughtful mind, based in tried and true business practice while striving to enter the mobile web commercial world successfully with strength of consumer connection and real growth of revenue, you will realize your dream and maximize your market share on a global scale.

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