Looking for a Healthy Meal? Try Fresh Lobster!

November 3, 2020

Finding a protein that's good for you and tastes great can be hard. Everyone wants to diet, but no one wants to give up on good taste to do it. Red meat has been out for years, and many are cutting meat from their diets all together. Some have turned to fish, but with mercury level's rising, that may not be safe, especially if you're trying to have children. So where is a dieter to turn for a healthy protein alternative? Fresh lobster is a great option.

Many of us have long believed that lobster is bad for you. It tastes so great, and feels so deliciously indulgent, that eating it must be cheating. In fact, this just isn't true. Lobster, at 90 calories per three and a half ounces, is actually better for you than other protein rich meats, like steak and even chicken. This means that including lobster in your diet is, unbelievably I know, a great way to get trim and stay healthy while doing it. Fresh lobster is a must add protein to your meals.

You may be thinking to yourself that lobster must be unhealthy, because that's what you've heard and thought for years, but it's simply not true. What is true is that most of the ways in which lobster has been prepared and enjoyed have been unhealthy, masking the fact that the fresh lobster meat itself is quite healthy. Of course, a creamy and rich lobster bisque isn't good for you, and dipping any meat in butter wouldn't make for a healthy meal, but on it's own, because it is steamed in preparation, lobster is better for you than other proteins.

Lobster is healthy for many reasons, but did you know that fresh lobster meat is a great source of omega three fatty acids. This is something you may have been hearing more about lately. Omega three's are naturally found in many types of shellfish and other fish. They are thought by doctors to help promote and improve your heart health, so much so that they're now being added to many other foods. Fresh lobster is a great way to get them naturally. It's also a great source of protein to keep your energy high.

There are many great ways for you to enjoy lobster in a healthy way. If you love salad, try adding a few chunks of lobster. This is a great way to add flavor and texture, get some protein, and not add a lot of calories to a healthy meal. Lobster also goes great with any strong flavored bread. If you're stuck for dinner, why not try some simple and classic pasta and oil. Simply use whole wheat pasta, dress it sparingly, and add some lobster to give it a great flavor that family and friends will love.

Want to spice up dinner tonight? Try some healthy fresh lobster? It's a great way to eat something that's good for you, and tastes delicious. So go enjoy!

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