It's All About Green Packaging!

July 9, 2022

The Go green trend now is being seen all aspects of our life. The auto manufactures are coming up with eco-friendly cars. The concept of green building is also evolving that encompasses everything from the choice of building materials to where a building will be built in an environmentally friendly manner. The packaging industry is also no exception to it. In fact the latest trend has been commitment to green products. The industry is trying to blend in the flavor of green in all its products starting from plastic bags to paper bags to boxes and beyond. Greening up one's packaging has also been a craze among the businesses to show their concern to the environmental cause.

The eco industry is growing rapidly. The growing issues of global warming, ozone depletion and others have generated a big demand to reduce the hazardous impacts on the environment. According to Environmental Technologies Action Plan the global eco-industry is predicted to grow to 700 billion approximately by 2010. The packaging industry and manufacturers as result are coming up with new technologies to develop green packaging solutions to reduce environmental harm.

The companies that produce eco-friendly packaging products make sure that these products are made of recycled materials completely or in lesser percentages. These packaging also contain sustainable materials like bamboo farms, corn, soya, cotton etc. They may have biodegradable materials like clam shells and unbleached paper. They may also be made of recyclable material like cardboard papers, corrugated paper and glass.

There are several factors that have resulted in the popularity of this packaging type. The eco-conscious consumer's behavior is largely responsible for popularity of green packaging. The supplies are so designed that they can be reused by the consumer rather than being thrown after one use. Fashionable, long lasting packaging like thick wall boxes, rope handle bags, handled containers, etc. can be used time and again by the customers.

This ensures a longer life span of green packaging. These are some of the factors that are responsible for growing popularity and demand for green packaging supplies in the packaging industry.

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