Importance of Communication

July 20, 2021

Part of living is interacting with others. We are all part of an entire social community and it can never be removed from us. Communication is the way for us to achieve this. Body language, basic oral communication and other forms won't matter as long as man can pass on to others what is in his mind or feelings. Issues cannot be brought up or resolved without communication. Relationships cannot be developed or mended if communication is non existent.

By nature, we are born to deal and communicate with others considering we have the vocal system to back it up. Many times we have seen through history and in daily affairs how people's lives are changed for the better or worse through exact or lack of communication. Proper communication man uses in dealing with others can have good effects.

Communication is still important even in this densely populated world. The following causes below will prove why communication is still important:

1. In personal relationships, we can express our feelings to others and let them know what makes us happy or what makes us mad. Doing this will let others learn how to treat you or how to relate with you. Through communication, you let those around you know what you want them to know. You get to know also what others want or need from you.

2. In social relationships, communication enables you to make new friends or contact to add to the number of people in your life who would add color to your life. Also, communication is an effective tool in repairing broken relationships. Misunderstandings are also the result of ineffective communication and another correct communication can restore that broken relationship.

3. In work relationships, new ideas can be presented to others, instructions on the job can easily be noted. Those in command can effectively pass to his workers what needs to be done. The workers, too, and other subordinates can communicate what performance they have achieved or needs that have to be addressed by the company.

No matter how busy you are, you should not neglect the one key to your success which is good communication to your clients and business partners. All the relationships can find positive fulfillment if the line of communication among the people is allowed to flow through that relationship. These reasons clearly point out the basic importance of communication.

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