How to Sell Crafts of Amazon

June 4, 2021

Selling your homemade crafts on Amazon is a new feature that Amazon has adopted. Amazon is a great place for you to showcase your one-of-a-kind masterpieces to millions of people.

If you do decide to use Amazon, you’ll first need to apply through Amazon to ensure you can sell your products through them. Before you set up a page, ensure that you follow Amazon’s definition of handmade. Their definition is just as it sounds. The product must have been made by hand, by you or one of your employees (if you have any).

Once applied and accepted, you can set up an Artisan Profile page. This is where you’ll tell everyone about yourself and the type of products that you are selling. With this part of your website, you’ll be able to connect to your customers. Then you’ll move on to setting up pages for each individual product you are selling. This is where you show your customers the stunning crafts that you have created.

One of the perks is that listings are free and never expire. Newly added to Amazon are customization features that your customers can use to explore your homemade products. Once your website is all set up, you can start selling your crafts to the millions of people that visit Amazon every day.

Be sure that when you apply, your crafts fit into the categories specified. These include jewelry, party supplies, stationery, and home products like art, bedding, furniture, lighting, patio, lawn and garden, storage, and organization. However, if your type of craft does not fit into these categories, don’t worry. Amazon is working on widening the range of categories for you crafts in the coming months.

Some benefits to selling your handmade products on Amazon include:

  •  Getting your crafts noticed by millions of people. Everything you need is all in one place, meaning your products are easily accessible by over 250 million people worldwide.
  •  If you ever need any help, Amazon’s customer service is there with either phone or email support.
  •  You’re able to spend time on the things that matter. Hassle-free tools provided for you by Amazon allow you to work on your crafts for as long as you need. Amazon makes it very easy for you to manage your business.
  •  Custom orders are easy to do. With the new features, it’s easy for your customers to find what they want with customizations that you provide on your website. Everything your customers need can be found all on the same page.
  •  Joining the Associates program gives you 10% back on Amazon sales produced from your personal website.
  •  The fees are easy. The 12% referral fee includes discounted shipping, protection against fraud, marketing, and payment processing. They’ve waived their $39.99 monthly fee through the first of August 2016.

It’s very simple to sell your crafts by using Amazon. This company provides many rewards for you and helps to make your business easier to manage, leading to less stress on you.

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