How to Gradually Grow Your YouTube Channel and Build Trust and Authority

November 26, 2021

A lot of people want immediate results when it comes to marketing themselves online. That is to say that they aren’t happy to gradually grow their audience and to see incremental improvements – they want to see exponential growth that comes overnight. This is why ‘growth hacks’ are such a popular subject matter online!

In reality though, most growth is not exponential but is in fact incremental. This is the steadiest, most reliable and most systematic way to grow any audience and it’s what any serious creator should really focus on.

So with all that said, let’s look at some of the ways you can encourage more steady gains for your YouTube channel…

Be Consistent

The single most important thing to do if you want to see steady progress in your YouTube channel is to be consistent with your uploads. An ideal way to do this would be to create new content every week and to upload that on time without question. This way, people will know when to check in with your channel and they’ll have a good reason to keep following you!

And of course you shouldn’t just be consistent in terms of frequency but also in terms of topic and quality. Make sure people know what they’re getting and where they stand when it comes to your brand!

Make Shorter Videos

Another important tip is to make shorter videos. This will help you to be more consistent as per the above point but it will also help you to encourage more people to watch your content all the way through. This is very important because YouTube takes that metric very seriously. If your videos are watched to the end, it suggests they’re high quality and that means they’ll rise through the ranks!

Use Engaging Titles

Sometimes your videos are going to come up in the ‘Suggested Videos’ after other content. This is a great opportunity to find more, new viewers but it will only work if your titles are engaging enough to elicit clicks. Always ask yourself: would you click that video if you saw it?

Ask for Follows

A great way to gradually grow your following is simply to ask people to follow you! It’s pretty simple but it works well. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Create Synergy Across Social Media

Social media is going to be one of your most powerful tools for promoting yourself on YouTube. Every time you post a video to YouTube, you should promote it on Twitter or Facebook so that you can get more views from your following. At the same time, this creates the opportunity for other people to do share what you’ve posted with their networks.

Create a Strong Brand

The combination of your channels name, logo and subject matter should all be enough to instantly and clearly communicate what you’re all about. This is important because it means people will subscribe to your channel based on just one video – which can help you to see much more rapid growth.

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