How to Create Your Bonus Page Video

December 2, 2021

The bonus page video is a key component that is often missed by affiliate when creating bonus offers.

Share Your Excitement!

You want to share your excitement about the product and your bonus and how your bonus can help them. Start by making a video showing how interesting and exciting the product is and your bonuses are. Those extra little “bonuses” really do make the vendors products irresistible and showing something that is special to be purchased makes a very appealing impression.To generate interest and excitement, you should promote how helpful your bonus is.

Do A Review Of The Product

For many reasons, a product review would help you to improve your conversions and have a chance to gain more sales. Product reviews are so good for your bonus offers but they are not that easy as the ABCs. There are a countless number of benefits you can gain from writing or recording product reviews.You can make more affiliate sales quickly when you deliver the inside view to a potential customer because they can see what they are actually buying.

By having a product review, you will establish more authority and integrity because you can show them exactly what they will purchase. Not all affiliates can get review access to products so you can provide more value to them. In addition, you are more knowledgeable of the product and earned confidence. There are several steps in creating a good product review.

First is to get to know the product. To know the product better, you might use the product, see the product or even own it. Secondly, be honest to earn more affiliate sales. Of course, you don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling but you have to tell the truth about the product. Don’t worry much if you write something that made someone upset.

Thirdly, in making reviews consider that people would stop reading and think that they have already much information about it. Make sure that all the important information is seen first. It’s highly recommended to include the products unique features, the people it will benefit most and the image of product.

Give A Tour Of The Members Area

If the product is delivered through a member’s area try and get access from the vendor so that you can give a virtual tour to your subscribers. By walking them through all the areas of the members area include the upgraded sections this will help your conversion to not only the front end sale but also the upsells through out the funnel because they can see everything they are getting when they upgrade so they won’t have to think about the one time offers as they appear they will have already made up their mind an purchase.

Show How Your Bonuses Compliment The Product

The first thing you should know about good bonuses, is that they are designed to add value and make potential customers feel comfortable about their purchase. A bonus should be something that increases the value of a product and makes it more appealing to the consumer. It has to offer something good and helpful, and for that reason they will decide to purchase the product.

In addition, a bonus should be something feasible. You have to make sure that people are also convinced that the great bonus you are offering is existing or realistic. In order to show that your bonus fits the product, it should complement what you are promoting. Yet, there are still many people who use bonuses that have nothing to do with the main product itself because they think that offering and giving away anything and everything will add the perceived value of their program.

Say for example, if you were selling a Photoshop tutorial video and the bonus of the product is a digital audio workstation, it wouldn’t really work. If the bonus of the product were something that is really unrelated and different, it would be more likely ignored. A product that would be more appropriate and suited for the given example should be something that a designer would desire.

Since you are targeting designers as your potential customer, the bonus should be something that would help the designers. For instance, a designing template, tool and any helpful thing about designing are a relevant bonus. This would show the relevance of your bonus to its main product making the bonus itself useful to the main product. This is definitely a compelling reason for people to buy your product.

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