Give Mexican Seafood a Try in Your Kitchen

July 16, 2022

Most people do not think of seafood when they think of Mexico, but with six thousand miles of coastline, seafood is an important part of Mexican cuisine. Mexico lies right between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and it borders a good portion of the Gulf of Mexico. This area provides a great variety of seafood that can be put to good use in Mexican recipes.

Ceviche is a very popular seafood dish from Mexico. Made with small pieces of raw fish, squid, or shrimp, the recipe includes onion, peppers, salt, and cilantro. The fish is "cooked" with lemon or limejuice. The citric acid in the juice changes the proteins in the fish just like cooking. Even so, some ingredients will be cooked for safety purposes. You can enjoy ceviche on its own or used as filling for a taco. It is also wonderful on crackers or tostadas.

Seafood can also be simmered in the Veracruzana style. This is a sauce preparation made with tomatoes, chilies, olives, and capers. The resulting dish is both tangy and spicy. This sauce is often prepared with red snapper or shrimp. Veracruz and its surrounding region are well known for this and many other seafood dishes.

"A la Plancha" is a Spanish cooking method that is also popular in Mexico. In this method, a metal plate is set on top of an open flame for grilling. Fish does not stick to the plate like it does to a grill, yet it gets all of the grilled flavor.

Winter produces a huge assortment of seafood from the ocean in Mexico. Seafood is eaten especially on Fridays, when meat is forbidden in the Catholic religion. Lent is another time when seafood comes to the forefront. It plays a large part in the religious celebrations each family observes. Every cook has their own flair of seasoning that they use at this time, no matter if the seafood is something rich and sumptuous or something humble.

When it comes to making food in your own kitchen, do not overlook the Mexican recipes for seafood. Fish is really a versatile ingredient. Many popular dishes in Mexico include spicy stuffed clams, red snapper and shrimp stuffed chilies. Let them tickle your taste buds without having to go on vacation.

Be sure and include some of this delicious Mexican food in your recipe file. Stews and soup are delicious when made with seafood. Use shrimp in tacos, enchiladas, and many other favorite recipes. A common meal in Veracruz is seafood and rice. This wonderful meal includes shrimp, fish, octopus, crab, and clams. Seafood frittatas are another great way to enjoy the sea's bounty. Add in some oysters, clams, shrimp, fish, or crab next time you make one.

Do not skip Mexican recipes just because they are for seafood. Mexican cuisine really knows how to make seafood taste amazing. Explore Mexican culture through the use of seafood and see what you discover. It will give you a new perspective and respect for this diverse country. Seafood really provides the perfect foil for the many spices used in Mexican cuisine.

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