Football: The Passing Game Essentials

September 17, 2021

There are several different elements that would ideally be part of the quarterback’s routine, and all contribute to the success of being able to make good decisions and executions to bring about a successfully played game.

The stance of the quarterback is important in helping them maintain firm balance when the game begins, as they are usually the target for ball possession. This will allow them to read the defenses and react accordingly.

The hand positions are also something that is given consideration. Dropping the ball during play is a huge negative thus the need to be able to have the appropriate hand positions mastered. All these will contribute to the handling off of the ball, the carry on the ball and the passing or the ball.

The passing technique is also something that is given due consideration in the quest to ensure the game is successfully played. Cradling the ball at arm level over the right breast area will help the effective throw motion to have better success rates.

Holding the ball with the fingertips and allowing an air pocket between the ball and the palm would facilitate better passes, and proper release functions. Learning to throw with a purpose will ensure the ball finds its desired direction.

The level of accuracy should ideally be high as this is the defining point of getting the ball to the others who can then make it to be finishing zone. Releasing the ball also requires a certain level of intensity and this is encouraged to be done with the “short stroke”.

The footwork is also another essential part of completing the proper passing technique. By closing the feet position to prevent the over striding, the quarterback will be able to give the ball enough trajectory force to get it airborne and in the direction it is meant to go.

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