Extra Tips and Techniques for Better Success

December 29, 2021

At this point, you should now have a solid idea of what Bing Ads are, how they work and most importantly: how you can get them to work for you. But there is more to creating a successful campaign and you’ll find that the more you work at it, the more you learn and the more you can keep honing your strategy to create better and better ROI..

Here are some more tips and tools to help you do that.

Bing Webmaster Tools and More Utilities

Bing Webmaster tools is an immensely useful tool for monitoring both your PPC progress and your SEO on Bing.
To get started, just head over to www.bing.com/webmaster and sign in with your Microsoft Account (the one that you use to log in to Windows).

From there, you can then add your website by putting it in the box and clicking ‘Add’. On the next page, you’ll be prompted to add some details about yourself (name, company name etc.) and then will be asked to place an XML file on your server to help Bing keep track of your site.

This will then allow you to find out how your site is performing in searches and you can combine this with your PPC metrics to get a more complete picture of your overall progress, hits etc. Another useful tool that Bing offers is its ‘SEO Analyzer’.

This is a tool that you can use to look at the SEO on your page (on-site SEO is also very important, meaning things like your use of keywords and your general coding practices). This analyse 15 different metrics such as your <h1> tags, meta data and more. You can find it here: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/seo-analyzer.

Some Tips to Improve Your Ad Position

Want to bring your ads further up the SERPs? Here are some tips fresh from Bing’s own site:

  • Increase your ad relevance – The more directly relevant your keywords are to your landing page, the more likely Bing is to show your ads high up.
  • Bing goes on to suggest that you try to avoid gimmicks on your landing page and to be upfront with an interesting and clear product. This will help your conversion rate too, so it’s very much worthwhile.
  • Showcase specific content and talking to your customers ‘in their language’ to create what Bing will see as effective ads.
  • Increase your bid – of course the higher your bid, the better your chances will be of ranking high up in the SERPs.

And here’s one not from the site:

  • Improve your Twitter followers. Bing has a close connection with Twitter and this has allowed a feature where it can show the number of followers you have on Twitter next to your ads. This is called a ‘social extension’ and it’s another place where Bing beats AdWords.
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