Easy Fresh Salmon Recipes

September 9, 2020

Easy smoked salmon recipes are popular and allow this highly prized delicacy to be combined in various ways with herbs, spices and vegetables, and indeed, just about anything edible, to produce some of the most wonderful dishes anyone might imagine. Smoked salmon is quite different from fresh salmon. The smoking process has the effect of preserving the fish and adding a texture and flavour that makes easy smoked salmon recipes quite unique and unmistakable. It require salmon fillets that typically have been cured and smoked. Smoked salmon is moderately high priced and is therefore considered a kind of luxury food, though it is becoming more and more popular and common all the time. The smoking process flavours and preserves, and to some degree can also cook the salmon meat.

The fillets are exposed to smoke from smoldering materials, most often wood, for a length of time. Different woods can produce differing flavours and results, which can all affect easy smoked salmon recipes to some degree. There are basically two kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, and cold smoking. Hot smoking partially cooks the meats as well as imbuing it with smoke flavour, while cold smoking serves more as a flavour enhancer.

Easy smoked salmon recipes range from the very simple to the quite complex. Smoked salmon is often used as an appetiser. It can be as simple as smoked salmon served with a piece of brown bread and a twist of lemon. As a prelude to a main meal, this can be surprisingly effective and extremely enjoyable. Of course, the more complex the recipe becomes, the less easy it can seem to be to prepare. However, easy smoked salmon recipes are just that - easy. Take Smoked Salmon with Dilled Cream Cheese on Puff Pastry for example. This merely requires the preparation of the puff pastry topped off with dill cream cheese, garnished in whatever way you wish and served with enticing slices of smoked salmon fillet. This is easy to prepare, easy to cook, and very easy to consume!

If you like a little more zing in your easy smoked salmon recipes, then how about Smoked Salmon with Vodka and Dill Fettucine in Parmesan Cheese. Vodka may seem an unusual ingredient to include in easy smoked salmon recipes, but in this case it is surprisingly effective. The recipe does call for imported Russian vodka, but any good quality brand will suffice. After all, it's the smoked salmon that's really at the heart and soul of the dish. Parties are ideal places for simple and easy smoked salmon recipes. A great finger food or side dish can be prepared from a Smoked Salmon with Sweetcorn Fritters recipe. This can be garnished with shredded spring or salad onion for a truly exotic touch that will leave your guests more than just impressed. For something more filling, try one of the more satisfying easy smoked salmon recipes, a simple Smoked Salmon Bake. This calls for smoked salmon fillets sandwiched between layers of potato, drizzled with dill and fennel, splashed with ample white wine and cream, and oozed over with a generous portion of melted butter after baking in a hot oven. Easy smoked salmon recipes are perhaps the most effective to prepare and serve, and probably the most satisfying you can eat.

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