Digital Photography Tips

August 16, 2021

Basically better photo quality can only be produced by a skilled photographer and the right tool. If you have bought your digital SLR, don't expect miracles from it. Digital cameras have strengths and limitations. Hence, it is important for you to get to know your DSLR. Do not let to do what it cannot. Otherwise, this will not yield high quality digital photos.

There is a lot of models and each has its own unique function and feature. It is essential that you check out the user's manual to be informed about the features and how to operate it. Then apply what you have learned. Digital cameras can actually do a lot of tricks once you learn to manipulate it. Focus on the camera settings because this will allow you to enhance the quality of photos.

Locking the focus is very important in getting the right focus of the subject while on auto focus mode. The subject must be in the center of the camera frame. While you are fixing on the focal point, hold the shutter button halfway. Once the subject hits the middle, lock the focus by pressing the button. Most digital cameras have an auto focus setting. However, this can be nullified if the area is dark or indoors.

You can zoom in or zoom out if you want a more dramatic impact on the subject. Most often, telephoto lens are used in zooming in the subject. This allows a closer and more focused photo with the background nullified. The right angle is also important to take note of in zooming in to achieve the impact that you want.

You can play with the shutter speed to achieve the effect on a particular subject. In many cases, the shutter speed is set to 30 seconds. You would need a tripod to make your digital SLR stable. Holding the digi cam for long can make your hands shake and blurry pictures result.

Depth of Field is a trick to make a more focused photo. It determines how much of the subject is in focus. A shallow depth focuses more on the subject, with the background nullified. This is controlled by the lens aperture. If you want to focus more on the subject, do a shallow depth but if you opt for a varied perspective to include the background, adjust the lens aperture to achieve the longer depth of field.

Most cameras have built-in camera flash. However, you must understand that it is quite limited. For darker or dimmer environments, use an external camera flash. Built-in camera flash is not sufficient in this type of environment.

There are other features that can contribute significantly to the quality of the digital photos. Make it a habit to study, practice and understand photography.

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