Creating an Outdoor Living in Garden

July 31, 2022

The idea of outdoor living in garden is to merge the garden and the living area in such a way that you can move between the two without being noticed. To get the similar looks for patio and living area, you can use the same color tiles or similar floor covering. Quarry tiles are a good example. To strengthen the garden theme, you can use potted plants in both the areas. Clear covering of the patio will give you a better chance to enjoy the wet weather with all the natural glory.

Even on warm days you can use sit in the garden in the evening or even arrange some sort of parties in that outdoor living area. No matter where your garden is located, if you are having garden in town, you can still bring the wild effects and countryside looks to your garden. For this you can simply let your garden grow wildly. Wild garden will definitely adds a countryside effect in your garden. Let the plants grow randomly, the seeds carried by birds or blown in through wind give a wild effect and you need not to worry about these weeds, you can just keep those that are attractive and remove the others.

Wild gardens are pretty much like a self grown garden and give you more natural environment. More birds, butterflies, insects or hedgehogs will attract to this kind of garden. Arranging a water pond may have a chance to get frogs there.

Japanese garden are very much in the discussion these days. They are now popular among the massive class of the people because they give you a perfect feature of tranquility with arranged and clean surroundings. The plants are arranged and decorated with stones and gravels and most importantly the water feature, especially the running water that is more appealing than the still water and gives you a fresh feeling. If you are aiming a pond in your garden, you need to create a perfect balance with oxygenating plants; this will keep the water safe from coming green or slimy.

No matter which type of garden you have, proper watering is always necessary for all the plants. It becomes more important if you have large amount of pots or baskets in your garden. Arrange a faucet with reel type hosepipe in your garden to have an easy excess to water source whenever watering is required. You can also have an underground hose system which is also common these days. This system has countersunk nozzles that on turning the hose on pushed up.

You have to keep few things in mind with creating a patio in your garden. You have to arrange them in such a way that water should always drain away from the house. Drainage holes can be introduced with hard surfacing and raised beds to prevent water penetration in to the foundation or walls.

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