Creating a Romantic Patio Space

July 19, 2022

Lighting is key for creating a romantic feel for any room. The same thing goes for your patio. Remember to not go overboard with the lighting, though, as this can ruin any mood. Here is a list of five lighting options that will provide you with your romance needs.

1. Solar lights - This option is the least expensive and when placed in the right places, the dim light is delightful. Strings of solar light throughout your garden and on your patio give off a soft romantic light to sit by. Because the power source is the sun, all you’ll need to do is set them up where they will be exposed to lots of sunlight throughout the day. Then, at night, these lights will give off the perfect amount of light.

2. Candle jars - Candlelight is always romantic. When the mood strikes, just light the candles and you’ll get a soft hue of light perfect for the occasion. You can even decorate the jars with red color, which will make the romantic light turn to red dots of light. A perfect place to hang them is on surrounding trees. Not only will they give off beautiful lighting but they will also swing slightly in the cool breeze.

3. Waxed paper lanterns - The wax will cover the direct light, making the lighting send beautiful shadows all along its surroundings. You can even take these lights to the next level and place them in a pool if you have one. This will add to the romance and give off just the right amount of lighting.

4. Cupcake lights - You can add cupcake holders to any type of lights. The lights will get a fresh look, adding a new design and colors to your patio. The paper should not be touching the bulb itself, so they need to be hung one by one. These lights also need to be kept out of the rain so they don’t get wet and ruined.

5. Solar powered chandeliers - This option is very environmentally friendly and safe. If you don’t like the solar powered string lights, this is a good alternative as it will add the same amount of romance as the solar powered string lights do. This option will light up your entire patio with just the right amount of glow and will even add a Victorian feel to your patio.

The lighting has to be just right, though. If it is too bright, you will not achieve the desired effect. Likewise, if the lights are too dull it will not contribute to the romantic feel.

Trees are a great resource to creating a romantic mood for you patio. It is so simple to add lighting to trees. It will add that romantic touch but it will also give your patio a natural classy feel to it. Lighting is everything, so make sure you have the right amount of lighting.

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