17 Ways to Save Money on Transportation When You Are on Vacation

There are a number of ways to save on transport when you are on vacation.

Plane Travel

1. Save money on tickets

You can save a lot of money on airline tickets if you're flexible with your travel dates. A day or two earlier or later can make a huge difference in the cost. Tuesdays through Thursdays are usually the cheapest days to travel by air.

2. Consider alternate airports

Sometimes, flying into a different airport can save hundreds of dollars per ticket per flight. Larger cities typically have multiple airports.

3. Consider travel to and from the airport as well

Try to save money getting to and from the airport. If you take your car, you will need to pay for parking at the long-term car park. There might be cheap transportation to and from the airport, but it might be cheaper and less hassle to take your car if you have a lot of people and/or a lot of luggage.

4. Don’t overpack

Airlines can charge a small fortune these days for checked baggage. Pack each carry on for each family member carefully for maximum usefulness in the minimum amount of space.

5. Watch out for fuel surcharges and airport taxes

These should usually be included in the price of the ticket, but if you are booking online, that "cheap fare" might actually end up giving you sticker shock.

6. Book packages if possible

A flight, hotel and car rental for one inclusive price can be a good deal.

7. Collect air miles

Air miles can all add up to a big savings on your next vacation as long as there are no high fees for booking. Charges will usually be highest for last-minute travel, such as less than two weeks prior to departure.

8. Go in the off season

Avoid flying at the height of the holiday and summer. Try spring and fall getaways instead.

Going by Car

9. Make sure you have the car serviced before you go

You don’t want to end up with breakdowns and/or any costly repairs on the road.

10. Check the tires, especially in warm and cold weather

The state of the tires can have a significant impact on fuel mileage.

11. Look for good gas prices

If you have more than one option, shop around.

12. Pay cash for your gas

This can save you around 10 cents a gallon because so many gas stations these days are passing along the credit card company charges to the customer.

Coach Holidays

13. Go all-inclusive

Consider an all-inclusive coach holiday, especially if you are not fond of driving. They can be very cost-effective and offer sightseeing to top locations.

14. Bus passes

These are popular in Europe and other locations where people like to see the sights by bus. You could get a pass offering unlimited travel for 7 days, for example. Compare the price of the pass with the individual prices of the tickets between all the destinations you want to visit.

Train Travel

15. Train passes

As with bus passes, these can be a really cheap way to see Europe and the rest of the world. Note that some train systems will have first, second and perhaps even third-class options. The latter should be the cheapest, and reasonably clean and comfortable in most cases.


16. Book a cheap cruise

A cruise is your transportation and hotel all rolled into one. All you have to do is unpack once and relax. Before booking, check out each destination carefully to make sure there will be enough to do. Some will stop at interesting destinations, while others will spend most of their time off the shore of their own company-owned island for people to do water sports and other activities.

Look for last-minute deals and packages if you don’t live at a cruise shop port of call and have to fly to get to your ship.

Planes, Buses and Trains

17. Consider group travel

Traveling with a group, usually 4 to 10 people, can really cut down on expenses. Larger groups can get the best rates if they plan ahead.

Five Vacation Spots That Are Worth the Money

There are a lot of choices of destination when you are going on vacation. The main questions are how big is your budget, what sorts of things do you and your family love doing, and are you traveling domestically or internationally.

Ask any traveler and they will have numerous suggestions, but here are top-rated places to go that should suit every taste and budget. The overseas suggestions will be worth a visit no matter what the exchange rate.

1. Singapore

This is a fantastic island-country and city with the best food in the world at the most affordable prices. The accommodation ranges from tourist to five star, all at affordable prices. Book online for a package deal.
There’s so much to do that you won’t be spending time in your room. The public transportation is superb, so you can get anywhere you need to go. Buy a travel pass when you arrive at Changi airport and head out for adventure.

The tourist buses called "ducks" will take you around every attraction in the city center, plus onto the river. Nearly everyone speaks English and the British influence is still strong. Try the chocolate buffet at the Fullerton Hotel on Saturdays and the original Singapore sling at the world-famous Raffles bar. Even the height of luxury is affordable in this paradise.

2. New Zealand

If you get a good deal from Air New Zealand during the "off season", which are the spring and fall in the Northern Hemisphere, you can head down under for a song. They also offer multi-airfare passes so you can get up to six internal flights for only a bit more than the cost of the international ticket. You will usually fly into Auckland on the North Island and branch out from there.

For those who love the tropics, head north to the beautiful Bay of Islands for a beach holiday. If you want a spa holiday, head to the middle of the island, Rotorua.

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? Head to Wellington on the North Island for tours of many of the locations used. If you love skiing, head for Queenstown on the South Island to ski the Remarkables, filmed so lovingly in the movies just mentioned.

Best of all are the backpackers hostels - you can stay in a Microtel for around 6 USD per night. The food is fantastic, as is the local wine.

3. Ireland

Ireland is full of fun, food and fabulous attractions. A flight to Shannon Airport is only about five hours from the east coast of the US.

Ireland is full of castles, unspoilt nature, and seafood. Public transportation is easy and cheap, everyone speaks English, and they are all very friendly to North Americans. Great bed and breakfasts abound. Expect to pay around $13 for a meal and $35 for accommodation each night outside Dublin.

Dublin caters to tourists, so it does not have the real Irish feel of Cork or Galway, but it does have a fantastic amount of attractions, including Trinity College and the two cathedrals. The youth hostels near Christ Church Cathedral are clean and modern. Expect to pay $20 to $100 per night, depending on season and number of people in the room.

4. Portland, Oregon

This is a family-friendly city with lots to do and superb public transport. It is also the gateway to all sorts of scenic locations, including the glacier Mt. Hood, where you can ski all year round. The variety of restaurants is as good as New York City, but for a fraction of the price. Don’t miss Powell’s - the largest bookstore in the world.

5. Nashville

Affordable, family friendly, with lots to see and do. It beats Disneyland/world by a mile in terms of value. There are seven theme parks within driving distance and attractions of every kind to enjoy, from music to museums - all at affordable prices.

A/B Testing with Google Analytics

A/B testing consists of having two versions of whatever you’re testing that are very slightly different. You then divide the traffic between the two versions and see which one converts at a higher rate. It seems simple enough but most marketers don’t even do it, even though it has shown time and again that website owners who conduct proper A/B testing experience higher conversions and a higher return on investment than those who don’t.

Create the Marketing Collateral

Whether it’s a sales page, newsletter landing page or something else entirely, create the designs in twos. You want to create two landing pages (A and B) that are slightly different. For example, perhaps each page has a different image on it, or a different headline, or perhaps a different buy/call to action button.

Upload the Pages to Your Site

You’ll need the URLs of the pages that you want to test. Make sure when you collect the URLs that you name each test page so that you know which one each URL is assigned to. Keep track of it all to ensure that you don’t get mixed up, so that your results will turn out accurately.

Set Your Goals

Obviously, your goal is to make more money and increase your return on investment. But, you will have many different conversion goals, such as newsletter sign-ups, freebie downloads, sales and more. Choose an “experimental objective” within Google Analytics to create your goals. You can find this under Behavior and Experiments. Just click “Create Experience” to get started.

Name Your Experiment

Choose names for your experiments so that you can identify which page is working best during the testing. Once you've done this you can set your goals under “objectives for this experiment”. You have several choices such as AdSense, ecommerce, and many other goal metrics. Choose the best one for your test.

Run the Test

Once you have it all set up and uploaded, you can let it run. Keep checking up on your statistics as often as you can; at first you may want to do it daily, then maybe weekly. Let it run long enough that you’re positive on which test, A or B, worked better.

Pick the Best Conversion Page

Remember that conversions and clicks are nice but money is the point. There are always possibilities that the most clicked and trafficked page is not the one that makes the most money. Therefore, it’s imperative to run the experiment long enough with enough variables to notice. For example, don’t sign people up for the same list even if the series is the same; that way you know which list is filled with either A or B respondents.

When you know what your goals are, and test to find out how accurate you have been designing sales pages and landing pages for your audience, you’ll soon get better at converting and making more money. Testing with Google Analytics is free and well worth it.