Tips in Choosing a Courier Service

There are many companies that focus on courier service. With so many companies to choose from, finding a reliable courier is the biggest challenge of all. Some companies make empty promises and fail to deliver what they have promised. These companies are the ones that should be avoided and should be watched out for. There are many deciding factors that you can check on when it comes to hiring the service of a courier company. The tips and factors below are helpful in making sure that you are getting what is promised and what you can expect from courier companies.

One of the first things that you should check is their location or office. The closer their office is to your office or business, the better as it is more convenient for you to pick up or drop your package on their office. If in case you chose a courier that is not close to your business, you could ask if they could pick up your parcel or mails that you want to be delivered. Most courier service offers this service for free or part of the package.

Another factor that you can check is the price or rates for parcel delivery, inter-parcel air freight, local mail or parcel delivery, international courier service and other delivery service they have. Affordability is a great factor foe many businesses. At the end of the day, the more money you save on operational expenses for your business, you get to earn more profit. That is the goal for every business so, looking for a courier that can offer you low competitive and affordable rate is something that you should check on before deciding to hire a certain courier company to do all your deliveries for you.

One way to get discounts is to make a deal with the courier company that all your delivery requirements will be handled by them. You can start by asking for fix rates or monthly rates just in case you don't want to pay for a per piece delivery. You will be surprised to find out that many courier companies can make a special price list and package exclusively to fit the budget of your business and your delivery requirement.

Start off with small deliveries first to check on how the company provides service. Checking things like if the package is safe and if they can handle express and overnight deliveries and other factors would be a wise move before you trust them with big deliveries or before trusting them entirely with the courier service of the whole company. Making sure if you can count on that company to do your deliveries would benefit not only you but your business as well.

You could also check on some website to check on other vital information about their service. Reading on reviews for that certain company's service is also a great tool in helping you to make that big decision to hire them for your delivery services.

Importance of taking a break at work

There's no hiding the fact that our working lives are manic. We have bosses to please, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve and a whole medley of other duties to juggle. So with all this in mind, if I preach the importance of taking a break at work, I can hear you say, when do I possibly have time?

The answer is simple - find time. Taking a break at work can do wonders, not only for our overall productivity but for our stress levels too. Relationship Services conducted a survey of 1,593 couples and found that 31% cited stress at work as a common reason for arguments at home - proof that equilibrium at work has an important effect on other areas of your life.

In an attempt to combat work-related stress, head honchos at Cambridge University's counselling services recommend taking regular breaks to recharge our mental batteries, thus improving concentration and overall mood. According to Cambridge University's research, the average adult has a concentration span of between 5-45 minutes - not as long as we might think.

Simply taking a walk to the office vending machines every so often can do us the world of good - not only improving our work productivity, but our home lives too. This ensures you have a mouth watering array of snacks on hand. Put simply, it is the perfect all-in-one snack and drink solution.

Despite this, some of us more contentious types often feel guilty about taking a break at work - especially if we have a deadline looming ahead of us. The fact of the matter is, those of us who recognise the importance of taking a break are more likely to be alert and productive than those of us who don't. That colleague of yours who's frowned upon for making too many trips to the vending machines may actually be on to something after all.

So next time your mind wanders or you feel red in the face, just remind yourself of the importance of taking a break at work ( with a delicious coffee, tea or soft drink in hand, of course ).

Time management and wholesale business

Do you feel that your wholesale business is falling apart and you spend your whole day in managing different activities and at the end of the day you wonder you have not accomplished much? Let me tell you the fact, you need to adopt different time management techniques to handle all your day-to-day activities to make your business more organized and productive.

While handling business activities in the office there can be many kinds of interruptions that can divert your attention from major activities. These interruptions can be external like telephone interruptions, meetings, visitors, socializing, excessive paper work, communication breakdown, lack of polices and procedures and others.

The internal interruptions are procrastination, failure to delegate, unclear objectives, failure to set priorities, crisis management, poor scheduling, lack of self-discipline and other similar activities. It is very important to manage the time efficiently. In order to do so, first you need to set your goals and priorities on a sheet. List all of your daily tasks and highlight your important duties and move them up according to the priority and urgency of task. Then set time limitations for every goal and try to finish a particular task in that given time.

To give full attention to priority tasks you should set 'no disturb hours in which no call will be forwarded to you and no one will be allowed to visit you for any kind of meeting. This specific 'no disturb hour must be set in the time period when you would be most active.

Besides this, you should manage all the tasks according to their types, for instance, all paper and table work should be adjusted in the starting hours. When you get exhausted with paper work then you should start completing tasks which are off table, for example, surveying the employees, checking inventories, meeting with retailers, other wholesalers and manufacturers, etc. You do not need time to work only but you should also have small breaks in which you can relax to refresh your mind for the next tasks.

Time management is all about making a habit to accomplish your tasks on time. Doing wholesale business is a hectic work as wholesalers have to deal with bulk quantities. Wholesalers should make proper policies for the employees and ask them to manage their time efficiently. Time managing techniques if applied seriously can make your wholesale business more productive.