Advances in Smartphone Cameras

Amazing things are happening to the next generation of cameras for Smartphones, and soon mobile phones will be able to take pictures which are as good as those produced by expensive Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLRs). The cameras on modern mobile phones are highly sophisticated with multi-mega pixels and many programmable functions. In fact quite astounding photographs and even movies can be recorded with no more than a phone.

There is one area though where phone cameras have failed to compete with DSLRs or even bridge cameras, and that is in the control of depth of field. Depth of field (DoF) in a photograph refers to the region within the scene that is in focus. For instance, in a portrait taken by a DSLR, the photographer can use a very wide lens aperture to narrow down the DoF so that only part of the image is in focus. This can produce some excellent effects, for instance by ensuring that just the model's face or even just the eyes are in focus and everything else is blurred, concentrates the viewer's attention on the main features and removes any distractions to produce an artful photograph. This is only made possible by the large aperture lenses used by DSLRs.

On the other hand a phone camera has a relatively small lens, so it is not possible to use a large aperture, and portraits taken by phones are relatively poor as all areas are in focus simultaneously. Now a new generation of phone cameras is being developed that will overcome this shortcoming. This does not use a large lens, obviously that would be impractical on a phone, but instead uses a clever computer controlled mechanism that controls the position of the lens. When the user takes a portrait shot, the camera will record the scene entirely in focus, then the lens will be moved back and forward recording frames all the time so that the background and foreground are all rendered out of focus, or blurred.

The camera will combine these multiple frames into a single shot with the important features in focus and the other regions blurred. These developments are still in the laboratory, and so are unlikely to appear on the next Nokia model, but it shouldn't be long before you can take professional looking pictures just using your mobile phone.

Make Minor Repairs to Your Cell Phone

Minor phone repair tasks are very easy to fix like cracked LCD screens, water damage, or blocked headphone jacks. Most of the time you require the services of the phone repair technician, but at times you can repair minor problems at home by following few guide lines. However, getting your mobile phone repaired definitely cost you less than purchasing the new one.

In summer season, water damage is a common problem to majority of the people. Often you wash down your cell phone unknowingly or dropped it into the sink or water tub. The remedy is easy if you take some quick actions. The only way that can save your phone from water damage is your fast actions. Hereunder, are given few points how to deal with water damage of your phone.

- The very first thing you need to do is to remove the phone from the water and turn it off to avoid any short circuit. It is very important to grab your phone quickly out of the water and turn it off or simply remove the battery to avoid severe damage. Any delay in your actions may cause you to replace the phone.

- The second step after cutting the power by turning it off is to remove the battery of the phone. Take the SIM card away also, in case you have GSM carrier. Never heat up your SIM card, just rub it with soft cloth or towel and place it at secure place.

- After removing the battery, dry off the battery and the phone with paper towel or simple cotton towel. Dry the surface thoroughly and don t forget that the water must penetrate inside the phone. Shake the phone to remove the water from the inner parts of the phone. Dry off the surface again.

- It is recommended to keep the cell phone on any towel or paper towel overnight before attempting to switch it on. You can also place your phone in sunlight to dry. But make sure that the sunlight is not that strong to further damage the phone components.

- After waiting for a day or so; reattach the battery and test it. If it still not show any sign, remove the battery and plug the mobile phone with charger without battery. If it shows any sign, then you need to change the battery.

- In some cases light appear on the led buttons, means that the phone is working fine and will need some more dry treatment. But if your phone show no signs at all, it is better to take your phone to the mobile repair technician and told him the entire situation and the treatment you have done. They might fix the problem for you.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are only half the thing that people get while making a purchase of a mobile phone. Often, people need to purchase accessories, and these can be bundled in with mobile phone deals. There are a number of accessories that are fairly common that many users get. Today's mobile phones are revolutionizing the way we communicate and the way we work. Some people get a car charger for their mobile phone. This is beneficial to the user of the phone because of the fact that it allows people to make sure that there mobile phone is always charged, even if they are away from the home.

A protective case is another common thing that people decide to get with their mobile phones. This is done for a couple of reasons. One, it is easier to protect the mobile phone from damage, because some mobile phones are fairly expensive. Also, it allows the user to make sure that it can be attached to their pocket or their belt loop. These are the two most common accessories that people will purchase, but there are many, many others.

Some people decide to put new skin on their mobile phones, so that it is more to their liking and that they can have the colour that they want. Some people also decide that they want to get Bluetooth technology.

This is a technology where a headset is put on and that is sometimes seems like a person is talking to themselves, but they are actually talking to a person over the headset instead of having to hold the phone to their ear. This is an expanding technology and it would be expected that more mobile phone users over the next few years will buy and use this technology for their own benefit. Some phones have the ability to change out the battery and indeed some business intensive users like to have an extra battery on hand just in case they don't have access to charge their phone.

Another item that some people get is a international travel charger, which allows them to be able to charge their phone all over the world, in case they are overseas travellers. A universal keyboard for a mobile phone is a luxury option for those who need a bigger keyboard while on the go.