Mobile Web Trends and Best Practices - The Real Opportunity for Re-invention

Now is the time to strengthen your branding or re-invent it to capture a bustling and entirely open market that began in 2006 advent of the .mobi top level domain. Yes, a whole new territory opened for quick commercial ties and a vital real-time connection to a very personal client base. The move was well-backed by such entities as Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung. Both hardware and software sectors embraced the future. There is a gold rush taking place as this article is being written. Companies are snapping up their names and placing themselves in plain view and access to their customers.

SVG, otherwise known as Scalable Vector Graphics brought back the organic element to the visual presentation and gave you the opportunity to re-brand your corporation in a whole new light. The idea of the internet is a mode of communication. Given the opportunity to travel through cyberspace from an object in your hand, we naturally pick the method of least resistance and choose simplicity. Mobile web connections present a new internet attached to the mobile world. Now that world is changing with the amazing leap in how your handheld device will be able to communicate with you. Augmented Reality, or AR, brings a whole new dimension to your image and branding.

How are you going to steer your presentation? Will you attempt to drag over an image that may need a little re-dressing, but is cheaper than investing in your corporate future? You have given great amounts of your learned time in going over company logistics, culture and customer relationship in order to produce a vibrant and flexible commercial machine. Yes, AR still has the same appeal as the old 'cutting-edge' development of Web 2.0 and the concept of 'social media'. It hasn't had its opportunity in the sun as yet, but it, or something similar to it will give you a real potential of creatively re-inventing your marketing strategies, increasing growth and diversifying your revenue stream.

As you are well aware, not every trend comes to fruition, so specific thought on this matter at this time may prove to be a larger draw on your mobile web development efforts then revenue potential, but as you are also well aware, the technical world plods forward like a giant striding across the land, progress, at least at this point, is pretty well guaranteed. Here are some items that might provide food for thought and let you begin the important journey of realizing revenue potential in a whole new commercial world.

- Should your mobile web development efforts look to seek a new audience and attempt to include the latest 'widget' web apps and personal connectivity to your customers? You may want your web development team to consider the traffic load. New technologies make a more ergonomic experience for the user but by implementing live interactivity, you may be just cluttering the airwaves and wasting advertising dollars and development time.

- Will redrawing your image in order to suit the latest and greatest provide an unnecessarily uncertain environment in marketing direction and corporate mandate? You may want your executives that may be heading up these initiatives to analyze your current relationship. Perhaps by examining the paradigm that brought about your present state will allow your team to look ahead with knowing eyes and a keen direction that will allow your company to embrace the future of mobile media.

- By embracing mobile web interaction and narrowing your focus on an more involved clientele, you are introducing yourself and your company to an uncontrolled audience, after all, a hand-held device can be left just about anywhere and often is. Never mind leaving your cell phone at a party, but what about lending it to your friend who needs to make a call because they left their handheld device at the restaurant. This happily random state of affairs means that an accidental connection could occur with a user other than the client that is registered to that particular device and your invite or push media may make a bring in another customer. This issue raises many questions ranging from what is 'acceptable' content to what are the possible marketing benefits and real viability.

These are serious questions and will prove to shape the mobile web industry to a very large degree, in fact deeply affecting its direction. If you heed the potential cons, both future and present, and capitalize on the pros with a thoughtful mind, based in tried and true business practice while striving to enter the mobile web commercial world successfully with strength of consumer connection and real growth of revenue, you will realize your dream and maximize your market share on a global scale.

The Future Of Space Research And Exploration

Our interest in space has always been around, ever since we started to look up into the night sky and wonder what all of those magnificent sparks were. Over the last century the space race between the Russian's and the American's has sparked off much greater interest in what is out there are the first manned visits into space and then the moon gripped the entire world.

Space is the final frontier and something that both fascinates and terrifies everyone. We all know that we fear what we don't understand, and for most people, understanding space is something that is more or less impossible. We will know the basics about the Big Bang and our own solar system and galaxy and the plethora of other galaxies around us but that is only scratching the surface of what is the most complicated subject on the planet. Space research is constantly being undertaken by different space agencies around the world and we are all eager to answer so many different questions about our existence as well as potential alien life in the universe.

Since time space exploration has been slow but steady and there have not been the same sort of astronomical leaps as these two massive events. But how could there be? scientists and astronauts have found out so much about our universe, galaxy and solar system but none of these are the sorts of leaps that the public is eager to see. Getting a man into space and onto the moon was one thing, but the next step that people are eager to witness will be the first trip to Mars and then beyond. Currently being built is the Ares program which will aim to allow this to happen. The problem is that in order to visit planets and moons that are millions and millions or miles away we need to come up with a form of travel that allows us to travel at something like the speed of light.

Yet whether we get a man to Mars or not, people are still fascinated by the thoughts of visiting other planets. Yet how realistic is this? we all watch films where we are able to travel at light speeds but is this really realistic? well, the truth is that the idea of light speed is very much a science fiction creation and the idea to travelling at the speed of light goes against the laws of gravity and physics. As a result it may well be that we are rather restricted in our space travel exploits to areas in and around our own planet, at least for the time being. It really is impossible to tell what technological advances are going to arise in the future and perhaps some form of quicker space travel is possible.

Therefore travelling at light speed or not, it would take an untold number of years to each them. What can be achieved is a flight to mars, however, and this is the next big step that the world is waiting for.

What we need to hold on for is what wonders a trip to Mars will bring. But seeing as this is unlikely to occur before 2030, we will be waiting for quite some time yet!

Benefits of HD Television

Today digital television represents a major change from analog television technologies that we have been acquainted with ever since the launch of television broadcast services. An advantage to having digital television is that it is relatively easy to customize the bouquet of channels and special programs that you would want to get on your television. All this has been made possible because the digital television technology allows the picture and sound date to be compressed (with very little or practically no loss of detail) to a small size while being transmitted. Special converter boxes at our end magnify this data to give us the HD television viewing experience.

Apart from improvements to picture and the quality of sound, digital television provides a choice of more entertainment options as a greater number of channels can be made available on the existing network the digital television can be enjoyed in the coming months on large flat screen televisions that give us the surround sound effect that could be achieved previously only with high end audio equipment. A parallel development in free digital television is the adaptability of technology using computers to compress signals for transmission in order to make efficient use of the bandwidth available for each channel.

All this has been achieved without any compromise on widescreen television that has an aspect ratio of 16:9, what this means for us as consumers of HD television technology is that we will be able to view images that better fills our field of vision. The 16:9 aspect ratio is therefore the minimum standard for HD television as this aspect ratio gives up to a thousand times more resolution than conventional television images. This provides a much sharper and more detailed picture on your television set.

Now let us analyze the social implications of the digital television technology. One of the primary trends that have been entrenched with the coming of digital television and HD television broadcasts is that the ubiquitous television set has gained primary importance in the world of electronic media. The service delivery of add on features like the delivery of programs on demand and services such as e-mail, internet access etc. will be some of the future utilities that you may derive out of your television set enabled with a converter box (in case you want to hold on to your old analog television for some more time).

The commercial businesses are also enthused with the potential of digital technology in televisions. This is because they can have tie ups with providers of digital television services and can offer value added services for free to subscribers of digital television packages. For example, your local pizza joint could let you order a pizza by using the television set as an order interface. So you have the option to choose the mode by which you would like to access the service that is offered by local businesses if you are a user of digital television packages. Digital television is starting to gain in popularity and you can get yourself the benefits of hi-definition TV by opting for a professional installation from the providers of digital television services.