Top Methods for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

Once you’ve created your YouTube channel and started uploading lots of new content on a regular basis, it can be a very frustrating feeling to find that no one is watching what you so lovingly put together. For that reason, you’re going to want to try and build up a big audience as quickly as possible and that’s why you need a plan to promote your content.

But promoting yourself on YouTube is somewhat different from promoting yourself on Google. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods you can employ and how they work…


While YouTube and Google are very different beasts, YouTube is still essentially a search engine. In fact, it is the second largest search engine in the world! And with that in mind, it only follows that you should be able to optimize your content for it to encourage it to be found more.

So how do you optimize a video for search?

One tip is to think hard about the title of your video. You need to ensure that your content uses terms that people are likely to search for and also that it uses terms that people are likely to want to click.

Also important is to choose the right keywords when YouTube asks you to enter them and to use the right description. Adding a lot of content to your description is generally recommended as this will help YouTube to identify what your video is about.


There’s nothing to stop you from sharing your YouTube videos just like any other content you would create on a blog, in fact this is actually one of the very best ways to grow your audience and to get more views.

The best way to do this is to create a video that tackles a niche subject matter and then to share it in a community where that subject is discussed. For example, if you create a YouTube video about Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you can find his fan pages on Facebook, or his Reddit and then post it there to get a lot of hits instantly.

Cross Promotions and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means that you’re working with influencers – people who have a big audience and the ability to persuade that audience. If you can find another YouTuber that blogs on a similar subject matter to you, then you can appear in their videos in exchange for them appearing in yours. This way, you each get exposure to a broader audience and you each see an increase in your following as a result.

The key here is to make sure that you work with people at a similar level to you and in the same niche. This way, they will stand to gain something and you are more likely to get a response. At the same time, it means the audience will be relevant to your subject matter.

This is actually one of the key ways that YouTube channels grow – so try not to view other creators as competitors so much as colleagues and partners!

The Correct Way to Think About SEO

The quickest and most effective way to start improving your success with SEO, is to change the way that you’re thinking about it. This ultimately comes down to a ‘cognitive shift’, which will improve the way that you approach your on and off-page changes and simultaneously give you a big boost in performance.

By focussing on the underlying philosophy of your SEO, rather than individual principles, you will be able to keep your strategies changing and adapting to those that Google introduces.So, what does this entail? Where have you been going wrong with your SEO? And what do you need to change about your approach to start seeing positive improvements for the long term?

Stop Trying to Trick Google!

The first and most important thing to change about your approach is to stop looking at SEO as a bid to ‘trick’ Google as many people do. It’s this mentality that causes people to spend a lot of time and effort spamming the web to build links, to steal content and ‘spin’ it in order to change it sufficiently for Google to view it as unique, to ‘keyword stuff’ and more.

It’s about working out Google’s algorithm and then employing that knowledge in order to try and get your content to jump straight to the top of the SERPs right?


Google, as you might imagine, does not like being gamed. It did not design its algorithms in order to create a convenient way for site owners to get to the top of their search terms and it doesn’t want to see people using spam as a way to thrive online.

As such, the more you take part in these kinds of practices, the closer you will come to getting penalized by Google and completely removed from the index! Even if you can find a ‘private blog network’ and get to the top of Google in short term, in the long term Google is bound to evolve and to find ways to remove ‘cheaters’.


So what do you do instead? Simple: you focus on delivering amazing quality content for you visitors and partnering with other high quality sites. You make yourself a trusted brand and you help to properly answer the questions that Google’s users want answered.

Google’s job is to make sure that when someone searches for a particular subject, they are provided with a useful, relevant and well-written response. Google needs to keep doing that in order to keep one step ahead of Bing and Yahoo!.

By creating high quality content, you are aligning your goals with Google. By showing Google that you work with trusted brands, you are suggesting that your content is trustworthy and high quality.And when you do that, Google will want to try and pair your site to the right search terms.

Make it so that visitors will be glad they found your site and Google will be glad to show it to them! SEO is simply: doing anything that will help you to rank higher in Google. And right now, that just means creating great quality content and links.

The Effectiveness of Video Product Reviews

When a consumer is interested in buying a new product, like a new cell phone, a better mp3 player, or a new brand of foundation, he or she usually begins the search by going through product reviews to find out the very best brands, the cheapest prices, or probably the most technologically advanced options. Consumers generally consult written product reviews simply because they like hearing the opinion of the person who has actually test-driven the product.

This scenario, however, is already becoming a part of the old days. Increasingly more people are starting to choose viewing video product reviews rather than reading through them. And increasingly more product savants are also starting to share their opinions and expertise in a video review rather than the conventional long form written product evaluation.

Why are videos of customer reviews gaining popularity over traditional composed evaluations? For consumers videos of consumer evaluations are the much better option simply because they're a lot easier to comprehend. Viewing a three minute video clip frequently takes less time than reading a 450 or 500 word article (with pretty much the exact same content).

Watching a video clip review used to take more effort than opening an write-up on a website, but thanks to the improved convenience and speed of internet connections nowadays, downloading or viewing streaming videos are now a regular part of people's web surfing routines. Consumers are also drawn towards the fact that a video of these consumer reviews allows them to see the item and be familiar with it way better than even the most descriptive written evaluations can. It is as close towards the product as they can get.

People also really feel much more comfy about trusting professional videos or consumer reviews because in a live demonstration or un-boxing of the product, there is no room for lies, unnoticed words, or exaggerations. The buyers see with their personal eyes what the item can do, and not only what the reviewer says it can do. This fine detail makes all the difference to today's most requiring customers.

Reviewers, on the other hand, are starting to like producing video product reviews rather than writing them, merely because they are much more fun to make. Demonstrating how a product is utilized while giving commentaries is much easier, especially for tech professionals, sports enthusiasts, or makeup mavens who are not extremely comfortable with writing.

It's simpler to give an honest assessment of the item when they are showing the item itself, rather than attempting to compose the best paragraph or bullet list that would define the specifications and features of the model or perhaps a machine.

Whether or not you're a customer who simply wants to get much better opinions for your purchases or a reviewer who is eager to establish a more legitimate repertoire, going for video product reviews is your best choice. You will discover the very best evaluations for products, gadgets, or gear at website devoted exclusively for genuine evaluations.