How to Create Patio Ambiance through Lighting

Creating the right mood with lighting is surprisingly easy. Not only does lighting add beauty and the perfect mood for the occasion, but it also provides safety. Listed below are a few tips to making your patio have the ambience you desire.

1. Recessed lighting - Mounting small lights to your deck provides the light you need to your patio, and it saves space. These lights can even be walked on without you damaging the fixtures. Another pro to this type of lighting is that it’s weather safe, so you don’t have to worry about taking it down before bad weather approaches.

This lighting is ideal for lighting up the perimeter of your patio and with provide you with enough safety when you’re walking around it. The recessed lights will also offer you the ambience you want and a beautiful glow to the outdoors. A downside is that installing recessed lighting can be expensive, but the result you get from these lights is well worth it.

2. Post cap lights - These lights have larger fixtures and can attach to the deck, patio railings, or posts. The light projects light 360 degrees around the fixture, which makes it ideal for marking the entrance to the patio itself or the stairs of your patio. These lights provide safety and the glow they give off is beautiful.

3. Low voltage lighting - Leaving your outdoor lighting on low voltage lighting is something that you should consider. It is easy to install yourself, energy efficient, and safe. Low voltage lighting can be used in post cap lights, lanterns, and even statues.

4. Solar lighting - Since solar lighting doesn’t need wires to emit light, this option is energy efficient and easy to install. Just be sure that if you decide to purchase these lights, you leave them in a well-lit area so that they can recharge. Solar lighting can be used in tabletop lanterns or pole lamps. With growing concerns about the environment, this type of lighting has become more and more popular for use on patios and decks, as the only energy required comes from the sun.

5. Torches and lanterns - The easiest way to light up the space is by placing lanterns all around the area that you need lighting for. Some of your choices include:

There are so many ways to add ambience to your patio. You just have to decide which option is best for you and what you want out of the light.

Outdoor Lighting Options for Your Patio

Lighting is important to have for your patio. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to use your patio at night to your best advantage. Lighting that is waterproof may be the best way to go, as if it ever rains you won’t have to go out and remove it. Here is a list of options that you can think about when looking to buy some lighting for your patio.

1. Fiber optic lighting - Fiber optic lights only use one power source. Because there is no electricity or heat conducted from LED lighting, the cables and light are safe to use for any weather conditions. Installing fiber optic lights can also be a fun DIY project. It can cost a little over $300 to install this lighting yourself.

2. Low voltage LED light fixtures - This lighting option runs on a 12-volt current instead of the normal 120-volt household current. This can make installation DIY friendly and will cost about $600 for eight fixtures and a 12-volt transformer. You can put these fixtures on the posts of your patio, which will offer your patio ambient lighting and will help you know where the railings are for added safety.

3. Moveable lighting - An oversized waterproof floor lamp can provide enough light for your whole patio. A plastic shade, galvanized steel frame, and aluminum base makes this lamp waterproof. Six lead weights make this lamp sturdy so if ever caught in the wind, it won’t go anywhere. This lamp does need to be plugged in, so you’ll need a waterproof outdoor outlet. It could cost you up to $14,000 to have someone install the waterproof outdoor outlet and for the lamp, but it will light up your entire patio.

4. String lights - This option offers style and flexibility. They can go in any location and there’s no need to conceal the wiring. On top of that, they come in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect lighting that fits the theme of your patio. A 14-foot long string of these lights costs about $20, so it’s a relatively cheap option.

5. Combination light and ceiling fan - The ceiling fan can offer you a cool breeze on a hot day and the lighting can light up the entire area. This is also a great option as the ceiling fan and lighting can go along with any theme. This option can cost you around $300.

6. Motion-activated lighting - This is a great option if you have any stairs leading to your patio. These lights are battery operated and are very easy to install, using either screws or double sided tape. A bright LED light can detect movement from eight feet away and will stay on for about 30 seconds. The battery life for this lighting option is about a year. Motion-activated lighting costs about $40 for a set of three lights.

It’s important that when lighting your patio you know whether or not the lighting is safe for any weather. Safety is the number one consideration when you get lighting, but safety can be stylish too. With the options listed above, you can achieve both.

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Update Your Wardrobe?

Do you want to update or change your wardrobe? If you are looking to make this year, your year, updating your wardrobe may be your New Year’s resolution. Before you head out to local boutiques or start shopping online, there are a number of steps you should first take. Before meeting your New Year’s goal, it is important to prepare.

Before buying a new wardrobe, examine what you have. Most people mistakenly believe that to update a wardrobe, you have to start from scratch, but you do not. Do not throw away perfectly good clothes. Do you have a nice black top? If so, keep it. It may match perfect with a new sweater you buy, but you will not know unless you save it.

To get started, pull all clothes from your dresser. Place these items on your bed. Remember, you goal is to save as many clothes as possible. Save those that you will wear, even just around home. Put these clothes and accessories back into your dresser. When doing so, fold and sort so that your clothes are easy to find without digging and creating a bigger mess.

Although you can save clothes that are in good condition or those that you will wear, you will also want to make room for your new wardrobe. For that reason, closely examine all clothes. Anything that is stained or has holes, like an old shirt or a pair of socks, throw away. Clothes that are salvageable, but that you just don’t want to wear, donate to the Salvation Army. In fact, create two piles on your floor. One pile is for the garbage and another is for donating.

After sorting through your dresser, head to the closet. Repeat the above mentioned steps. Throw away all clothes that are ruined or stained. Keep those you may wear again. Donate those that are clean, but that you don’t anticipate wearing. Just add these items to your piles.

Next, you want to bag up all clothes you will throw in the garbage. When putting the clothes in a garbage bag, recheck them to make sure they cannot be donated. Never throw away clothes that can be salvaged, as there are people in need who can wear them. As for donated clothes, box or bag them. Drop them off at a nearby Salvation Army or Goodwill store. To save gas, do so on your way to purchase your new wardrobe.

Now that your dresser and closets are cleaned and sorted, you may be ready to make your New Year’s resolution of a new wardrobe a reality. Yes, you can do so, but before you start shopping, create a game plan. You know that you want a new wardrobe, but what kind do you want? Do you want new pajamas, work clothes, party clothes, workout clothes, or all? Write down what you need and want to buy. Remember the clothes that you threw away. If you got rid of all of your socks, you must buy replacements right away.

Finally, you are ready to start shopping. Although your New Year’s resolution was to update your wardrobe, not get out of debt, you should still keep it in mind. If you enjoy shopping online, do so. When shopping online, it is easier to compare prices to find the best deals. If you decide to shop locally, head to stores that are known for their affordable prices. Even if you purchase designer clothes and accessories, always look for the best deals. By keeping an eye on price tags, you can make sure that your next New Year’s resolution isn’t to get out of debt.