Increasing Brain Energy and Mood With Nutrition and Nootropics

There are many things that change in the brain and that are responsible for the changes we see in our abilities and our personalities. Many of these can be somewhat mitigated by the right nutrient and/or supplement regime however and when nutrients, herbs or medications are used in this way they’re referred to as ‘nootropics’ compounds that can help to enhance brain performance.

Let’s start with that low energy – what causes this? There are a couple of things, but up front is the decrease in mitochondria. As we’ve already discussed, your mitochondria are the tiny little fuel generators that live in all of your cells. Their job is to take glucose and to convert it to ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, the ‘energy currency of life’.

These mitochondria are found throughout our bodies and that includes the brain, where they live in the brain cells. If you’ve ever felt too tired or too lazy to complete a sum because it involves holding numbers in your working memory, then your ‘brain energy’ is letting you down. And this is what makes it harder to find the enthusiasm to do anything as well. Another night of the same old TV it is then.

If you were to look at the cells of a young kid under the microscope and compare them with those of a middle aged man, you’d see that the middle aged man had far fewer mitochondria. Scientists now believe that this is one of the key differences in the energy levels of children versus adults. As it happens, this is also one of the key things that a lot of nootropics target.

Ingredients ranging from l-carnitine, to PQQ, to Lutein, to creatine, to bitter orange work at least partially this way. Another thing that affects brain energy as we get older is blood flow. Like every other part of your body, your brain needs a steady supply of blood to provide nutrients and oxygen for healthy function. Unfortunately, as your breathlessness upon reaching the top step will attest, our blood flow suffers as we age. This is where vasodilators come in.

Things like garlic extract, vinpocetine and ginkgo biloba all offer this increased energy by increasing the diameter of the blood vessels.This can also be very good for those with high blood pressure! These allow more blood, oxygen and nutrients to be directed to-ward the brain, helping you to feel more alert and more awake.

As mentioned, you can also get a lot of benefit from nutrients like iron and B12 which help the body to create more red blood cells. This very simple change is very often enough to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients making their way around the body to the brain and once again to supercharge your energy levels.

Mood and Learning

As we get older, we often start to produce less of the most important neu-rochemicals – whether it’s serotonin or dopamine. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters most associated with attention, which also correlates to memory (the more focused you are, the more likely you are to remember something – often the things you’ve ‘forgotten’ are things you never listened to in the first place).

Dopamine is also correlated with BDNF – Bran Derived Neurotrophic Fac-tor. Along with nerve growth factor, BDNF is one of the key players in neu- roplasticity. As we age, the rate at which are brains adapt and grow chang-es and this results in a poorer ability to learn new skills and ideas, along with a reduced interest in doing so. Guess what you can consume to increase your dopamine levels, gain focus and enhance learning?

Good old caffeine! And perhaps by no coincidence, caffeine consumption is also associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. Dopamine is also related to your mood, as are other neurochemicals that decrease as we age – such as serotonin, which is often known as the ‘hap-piness hormone’.

Many of these neurochemicals are made from simple amino acids (the building blocks of protein) like tryptophan and l-tyrosine. Eat more eggs (which are also packed with the brain-boosting choline) and your brain will be stronger and you’ll be less cranky.

Numerous other nootropic compounds can help to increase brain plasticity and there are some very fascinating studies that have shown we might someday be able to restore our brains to infant-like levels of plasticity (one study demonstrated it could be possible to teach participants perfect pitch with certain nootropics not-yet commercially available).

This can not only help us to pick up new skills – to teach the old dog new tricks – but also to prevent us from falling into old, lazy thinking habits. One of the big issues here is the way we use our brain; as we get older we know more (we form more ‘crystallized intelligence’) which results in a reduced need to keep learning.

What’s more, decades of rehearsing the same thought patterns (and their respective neural pathways) means that certain memories and ideas become deeply ingrained while others are ‘cut off’ from the brain and left to wither and atrophy. Use it or lose it. This is why it’s so important to keep the brain fueled with the right nutrients and ingredients even later into your life; and to support that growth with the right nutrient regime or supplements.

So how do you do this? The best answer is to eat a nutrient dense diet. This can help to encourage the production of the right neurochemicals, it can help to give you more mental energy and clarity and it can improve your mood.
Moreover, the right nutrients can also help protect your brain from a lot of the wear and tear that it might be subjected to over time. Your brain is damaged by free radicals just like every other cell in your body.

These are molecules that can react with the outside of cell walls causing damage and potentially even impact on the nucleus of your brain. Antioxidants like vita-min C can help to prevent this kind of damage. Meanwhile, omega 3 fatty acid – the oil found fish – can help to improve communication between cells by enhancing ‘cell membrane permeability’.

This has also been able to help stave of age related cognitive decline in studies. So if you’re starting to feel your grey matter slow down, just start eating more fruits and vegetables, more salads and more meats and oily fish. This alone can be enough to make a huge difference but if you’re not seeing re-sults or you struggle to eat healthily, consider creating a nootropic ‘stack’ for yourself.

Make sure it contains the following:

Oh and of course you should avoid all the things that can actually damage the brain and exacerbate neurochemical imbalances/trigger deterioration. One of the worst culprits is alcohol which when consumed regularly can even end up causing a unique type of cognitive decline called ‘Korsakov’s syndrome’.

Staying Healthy

It's important that we all lead healthy way of lives. Everything starts when we're young, so it's vital that when you're a parent that you proclaim to your kids the importance of a healthy life. Listed here is a checklist of methods to get your kid to remain healthy in their life time.

  1. Make sure that your kids get enough rest. Youngsters must be getting about 10 hrs of sleep per evening, more or less depending upon age-- speak to your pediatrician regarding the proper amount of rest your child need to be getting. Make certain that the going to bed routine is constantly the same. Get PJs on, brush teeth, read going to bed story, then go to sleep. Maintaining this routine straightforward and also the very same each evening will assist your kid get to sleep faster as well as much easier.
  2. See to it your youngster eats a healthy diet every day. Do not let them eat way too much unhealthy food. It'll make them reduce and also puts them in danger of being overweight. Linked to this is making certain that your child drinks a lot of water. You intend to make sure you keep your youngster healthy to stop a lot of sees to the medical professional, so the very best way to do this is by encouraging healthy and balanced consuming and also alcohol consumption.
  3. Advertise great health. Ensure that your child is cleaning their teeth, taking showers, as well as putting on deodorant if they go to that age. You ought to also be sure that when they cough or sneeze, they do it in the criminal of their arm, not right into their hands. This will not always secure them from germs, however probably these routines will be seen by their peers which will then with any luck return to secure your child later.
  4. Take them to the physician's for their annual examinations. This will certainly aid shield them from any major issues arising. If they do arise, hopefully anything can be caught early. Going for yearly check-ups will certainly additionally show your kid just how crucial going to the physician's is to staying healthy and balanced.
  5. Make certain your child obtains lots of exercise. Suggest a sporting activity for them to begin doing. The list of energetic sports your kid can do is unlimited, ranging from baseball, to swimming, as well as lacrosse.
  6. Children require to steer clear of from smokers. Everybody can succumb second-hand cigarette smoking. When any individual is around a person that smokes, you are enabling yourself the opportunity of respiratory system problems.
  7. Make certain that if your child obtains a cut, it's cleaned effectively. The appropriate cleansing of an injury can assist protect against an infection.
  8. Ill youngsters do not belong at school. This will only spread out the illness your youngster has to other children. Additionally, when you're sick, it's ideal to relax and relax to get better faster. Sending your child to college while ill will just prolong their ailment.

By taking these safety measures and educating your youngster to stay healthy and balanced, you are not only instructing them to lead a healthy way of living, but you are additionally conserving cash by preventing clinical prices. By keeping your kid as healthy as possible, you can avoid the physician's office as long as required.

5 Best Healthy Foods For A Longer List

Living longer is about working out and also consuming only healthy and balanced foods. The much healthier the foods that you consume, the more likely you are to live a happy life for a long, very long time.

Certainly there are thousands upon countless healthy and balanced foods. Almost all veggie that you may find is likely healthy and balanced, as are most of all fruits. All-natural grains often tend to be in the upper pinnacle of healthy eating, and so on

. Yet what are the healthiest foods - the foods that if you consume them consistently you are assured to obtain one of the most nutrients you can from your meal? What are the foods that everyone should be eating in order to live a lengthy and also healthy and balanced life?

The Healthiest Foods - a Countdown

1. Salmon

Salmon, nevertheless, is like soy on steroids. Packed with Omega-3 fats, protein as well as various other helpful nutrients, salmon has virtually whatever that you need all in one smoked piece of fish. It is likewise low in fat and also cholesterol (high in great cholesterol), and is a wonderful enhancement to any person's diet.

All 5 of those foods are considered several of the healthiest foods in the world - yet past that, they are all also incredibly functional, so it is not as well challenging to obtain them right into your daily diet plan consistently. For any individual who wish to boost their total health and wellness and wellness and also planning on consuming a substantially healthier diet plan consistently, these foods are the first place you need to go. They are merely packed with all of the needed components that you require in order to enhance your wellness.

2. Soy

Soy is simply an exceptionally healthy food. It has fiber, vitamins, Omega-3, healthy protein, calcium - practically whatever that you can require from a dish. It can also be discovered in nearly every different sort of food, as vegetarians can find soy meats, soy cheeses, tofu and also other food types that can all be made use of to obtain soy in every dish.

3. Spinach (Greens).

Greens are a great resource of healthy protein, fiber, calcium and also various other crucial pieces of nutrition. Spinach is really not quite as good for you as Kale as well as Collard Greens, but Spinach is extra versatile and also can be eaten in much more manner ins which simply salad, so it can quickly become a staple in your cuisine also when you intend to mix it up.

4. Cranberries (Berries).

Berries are another incredibly healthy food. They have a number of anti-oxidants that are essential for healthy and balanced living. Cranberries are simply among a number of berries that are exceptionally high in antioxidants, but all berries have their advantages and must be consumed on a regular basis.

5. Quinoa (Whole Grains).

Whole grains are vital for healthy living, and also quinoa is among the healthiest of those whole grains. An instead bland food on the whole, quinoa is very easy to flavor with points like lemon, garlic, oils, salt, and other flavors that make it taste significantly much better. It is incredibly high in both healthy protein and fiber, as well as it is likewise an excellent resource of iron and magnesium.