Positive energy surrounds me.

Positive energy surrounds me.

I radiate positive energy. I connect to the beneficial forces that surround me.

I start my day with a boost from the morning sun. Drinking in sunlight helps me to wake up in the morning and sleep well at night. I take a run through the park or eat my breakfast in the backyard.

I enjoy encouragement and support from others.

My family and friends share my ups and downs. I celebrate my victories with them and count on them to lift up my spirits when I need a lift. I welcome feedback from colleagues at work. I use their input to enhance my performance and advance my career.

Spending time with children teaches me how to stay lively. I imagine seeing the world through their eyes. I become more curious and joyful.

Admiring the accomplishments of others drives me to put forth more effort.

I visit art museums and read the science section in my newspaper. Masterpiece paintings and scientific breakthroughs inspire me to discover and fulfill my own potential. I look for challenges that stretch my skills.

I engage in positive thinking. I love and accept myself. I let go of resentments and regrets so I can concentrate on the present.

I focus on opportunities to serve others. Being generous builds my confidence and vitality.

Today, I attract positive energy. I am a magnet for good vibes.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is positive energy contagious?
  2. What are three things that fire me up?
  3. What is the relationship between stress and positive energy?